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A one stop Shopping site for merchandise of all sorts. 

This About Home Biz site is also a resource - referral - and reference guide for those consumer minded shoppers who also are seeking info on the development of home based business ventures

About Home Biz Explains The

Easy Web Site Building System

Used To Build This Website

The economical, Easy Web Site Building system of SiteSell (SBI) is what helped to put About Home Biz on the internet map. It is simple, economical, educational, and easy to learn.

Hello my name is Ken Bradley. I am publisher of the About Home Biz website.  I am introducing you to this web site building system - as a user, and promoter of this product.

As a user, I was sold on the idea of using the SiteSell (SBI) easy web site building system from the first day I saw their advertisement.

What had put me in a receptive mode to receive what they offered was the fact that I had a product distribution business that I simply did not know how to market and grow, other then through one on one direct sales.

I wanted to expand my multi-level business online, that had a professionally designed website associated with it.  The website came with the distributorship package.

While I have been in the business for quite a few years, like so many others who have distributorships with websites, you are never told how to market these entities of your business to get proper and maximum use out of them.

Thus with that in mind, the goal for me was to seek out and find a low cost, easy to learn, and easy to use web site building system that would allow me to promote the website web store that I already had.

My discovery of the Easy Web Site Building system did not come overnight.

While doing my research, I started learning about niche content sites, affiliate marketing sites, keywords, search engine optimization and more.

I was starting to think that if I go the route of trying to market my business online, then I almost need to go into the fields of programing, web design, and marketing, all at the same time.

This was more than what I wanted to do.  My product business had grown over the years, using "old school" selling methods.

What had worked in the past would just have to work in the future because I was starting to feel overwhelmed with what I was learning, regarding marketing a business online.

The saving miracle for me was that during some of my later research moments, I ran across the advertisement video below  from SiteSell (SBI), that promoted the very thing that I was looking for.

Take a quick look at these short videos and see for yourself, why I chose to use this Easy Web Site Building system to build the About Home Biz site, which is used to market my product distribution, website, web store business site.

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Refer also to this video link


This entire website was build using the SiteSell (SBI) easy web site building product.  It speaks for itself.

Ask Yourself - How Did I Get To

This Web Site Building Section
Of This About Home Biz Website?

Chances are you did not arrive here by using the official address for this website, which is www.abouthomebiz.com

Note:  The above link, if you tried it is non-active, because I wanted you to continue reading this section.

The reason why you landed here is because you chose a search engine optimization keyword that I used in my heading and content.

If you seriously want to get your business or website exposed and viewed online, keep that in mind.

It is that type of information that is taught in the easy web site building system that SiteSell (SBI)  offers.


You start off being introduced to the "Action Guide", which is your business plan that the Easy Web Site Buying system uses to give you step by step guidance for reaching your metaphorically speaking 10-day goal of building your website and a business.

The SiteSell (SBI) - Web Site Building

Action Guide Explained
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The "Action Guide" comes to life each day with business startup information and a unique video method of training, that is educational, easy to follow and easy to learn.

It is a complete all-in-one business building platform.

The Solo Build It! Action Guide shows you, step-by-step, how to build, market and grow your new online business.

You can do the SBI! Action Guide by watching (video or mobile version), or reading (text version), or listening, or by using whatever combination best suits your personal learning style. You are in charge!

 Web Site Building Sample Videos

The following are shortened sample training video's from the Action Guide that are actually a part of the Web Site Building system.

Take a look at these and see how valuable they are in putting together your own website, and / or website business.

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Return back here after viewing the videos to learn more about other equally valuable and necessary components provided in this easy website building system.

The Easy Web Site Building System
Gives You A Starting Point

Unless you are a highly trained web designer or computer tech person, most people who want their own websites don't have a clue as to where to start.

I was no different then most others when I started this About Home Biz website. Through the "Action Guide", videos and step by step guidance I've come to learn that every website venture has a starting point.

Many startup and existing home business owners, today, are buying into the idea that website ownership will automatically get you viewers, visitors, and buyers of the merchandise or services that they promote.

They do not understand why their sites are not getting any responses.


A lot of technology is involved in bringing up a search result.  But basically, the reason you see any website or any other information when you do an internet search is because the search engine you are using has picked up on a keyword in your inquiry.


This Web Site Building section will explain how that comes about and explain the components of this system that are used to make that happen.

TakeThe Solo Build It! Video Tour

The Video Tour visually communicates the power of SBI

See how the Action Guide, Brainstormer Tool &
Master Keyword Components All Come Together
To Help You Create & Build Your Website

The SiteSell (SBI) easy web site building system teaches you all about SEO (search engine optimization).  By using certain keywords or phrases in your searching or surfing, the analytics of the search engine will direct you to a group of websites or places of information that pertain to that word.


The Brainstormer and Master Keyword components of the (SBI) Easy Web Site Building system help you to pick out the best words to use as keywords based on the number of websites that use that word and the number of inquiries from searchers who typed in that word.

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The  Web Site Building

Brainstormer and Master Keyword

Component Results

"A Show n Tell Review"

Each chapter or nav bar section of About Home Biz was built by choosing certain keywords and then building appropriate content around that word.

The same is true regarding my online web shopper store, B Crescent Services, which is an affiliate store of this website.

In this section  a "Show n Tell Review" will be explained on two of the navigation bar chapters. These chapters, as well as all the other chapters of this website came about as the result of using the Action Guide, the Brainstormer and Master Keyword components of the  Web Site Building.

While the Action Guide videos and the Video Tour show and discuss this, I wanted to explain my thought process as to how and why I chose certain keywords to achieve the end results of what I wanted.

The two keywords used for the "Show n Tell Review" are shown below, along with the explanation as to why I chose those words to be used for this About Home Biz website.

"Show n Tell Review" Of

 "About Home Biz" titled as "Home Page"

During the beginning stages, when  About Home Biz  was being set up, I was at a lost as to what should I make as the title of this website.

Following the instructions of the "Action Guide" and waiting for the appropriate time to give About Home Biz a name, I used the  Brainstormer and Master Keyword components of the easy Web Site Building system.

Those components produced a number of potential words that I could have used for the title of this website.


I narrowed it down to two word phrase titles, and they were About Home Biz and About Home Business


The information I received to make a decision as to what word phrase to use as the title is if as follows:

for About Home Biz

Internet websites that used these words in their title .......14

Monthly internet searches that used these words ............18


for About Home Business

Internet websites that used these words in their title ....3179

Monthly internet searches that used these words .......... 297

While the phrase About Home Biz had a lot less internet searches, I chose that word phrase as the title for this website.


I did not want to compete on the internet with 3,179 other websites.


While About Home Biz is only a few years old, currently over 700 visitors a month (still growing) come to this website to seek out information, shop or just to surf.


Keep in mind by understanding (SEO) and utilizing certain keywords, the visitors that come to this site do so at no advertisement cost to me.

All I have to do is provide the content, which you are reading, and follow the "Action Guide" that SiteSell (SBI) provides.

With the limited knowledge I had on developing and creating websites, I don't believe this would have been possible had I not been exposed to and used the easy Web Site Building system of SiteSell (SBI).


As About Home Biz is an informational website, I’ve learned through the Web Site Building system that additional visitors will come to this site as I present and display more pertinent content that the web surfers are looking for.

"Show n Tell Review" Of

Page titled as  "Home Business Startup"

Again using the Brainstormer and Master Keyword components of the SiteSell (SBI) easy Web Site Building system I chose the "Home Business Startup" phrase because there were 1210 inquiries on the internet that month searching for that phrase.


The number of other websites that I had to compete with that had used that phrase in the content of their sites was 395.


So again I had a word phrase that a fair amount of web surfers were looking for and only a few hundred websites that contained that phrase.

What Others Have To Say About

The Easy Web Site Building System

( Use Any or All of these 3 Links to read & hear about what others have to say )


Solo Build It!

Home Business Features

Help & Support Is Available With

The Web Site Building System

Yes, it’s true, that with the Action Guide, Brainstormer & Master Keyword components you can build your website all by yourself.

The easy Web Site Building system is that kind of user friendly.


Some of the other major components of the system that have not been mentioned is that there is plenty of help and support available to all who request a helping hand.


Find It

To start, there is a tool within the web site building system called FIND IT.


With Find It, you can search the extensive SiteSell (SBI!) knowledge base of tutorials, articles and help files by entering keywords in the search field.



You also have The Forums


It is the place for friendly business - building discussions. Other individuals who have either built SiteSell sites, or who are newbies come together here to openly discuss and help each other with ideas and suggestions as to what might work in a particular situation.


With the SiteSell (SBI) Forums, if you have consulting - type questions (for example: determining your best theme, ideal profitability ratios, marketing strategy, site reviews, custom HTML, etc.), your first stop should be the SBI! Forums.  Here a community of small business and entrepreneurial minded people will be glad to help.

Professional Coaching

SiteSell (SBI) also offers Professional Coaching.

Professional Coaching offers assistance for any part of your business building process. A wide range of services are available, from niche and keyword analysis, to setting up custom scripts to completely custom site designs. Experienced SiteSell (SBI) professionals are ready to work with you one on one to achieve your goals.

You Can Contact Help & Support

You can contact the Help and Support Dept. anytime.


While building your website, if you need product - related or technical support, you can contact SiteSell’s Help & Support by email to obtain free support for questions about anything pertaining to using the easy website building system.


The support team replies by email 4-6 hours during the day/early evening, 12 hours overnight. The same Support Staff person will stay with you until your question is resolved.

Do You Have Questions
About Building An Online Business
Using The Easy Web Site Building System?


If you've got questions, you're not alone. You've certainly come to the right place! Give the team of Solo Build It! (SBI!) Advisors the opportunity to listen to YOUR needs.


Find out together whether you and SBI! are a match. Your one-on-one consultation with our Solo Build It! Advisor Team is absolutely FREE.

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