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This Webshopper Section  displays over 450 Products in the Home Care, Health / Nutrition, Beauty / Cosmetic, and Sports Drink fields. Enjoy your shopping.

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Welcome To B/Crescent Services

( Webshopper and Online Department Stores )

My name is Ken Bradley publisher of this site and proprietor of B/Crescent Services.  My web store is an independent, home based, product distribution business that was started in 1985


As the Independent Business Owner (IBO) - I am an authorized distributor for Amway products, a company that's been in business since 1959.


Offers Over 450  Home - Health - Beauty Products - Sports Drink

Nutrition / Sports Energy Drinks / Beauty /  Bath & Body / Home Cleaning
Nutrilite         Artistry         XS Energy       Legacy Of Clean

Plenty Of Information About The Products Is Available

Because of the various categories of products, plenty of information has been provided in order to help make intelligent decisions as to what items will work best for you.

Hopefully as a better informed visitor, you will become a repeat shopper and long lasting customer.at this webshopper store.

Take a look at:


Click On These Links Below To Get Information and / or View And Shop For Nutrilite Products

Vitamins & Supplements    Foundational   Targeted   Convenience    View All

Weight Management            Bundles & Kits           Bars         Shakes           View All

Sports Nutrition                       Energize         Hydrate           Recharge          View All

Energy Drinks                            View All       View All Nutrition         Special Offers

Look At - And Use The Nutrilite         Supplement Recommendations

For Info On                    Nutrilite Brand Of Products

The Nutrilite brand of health products is the number 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand.

People buy these products because Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on certified organic farms.

Take a look at:

Artistry Informational Link (Watch Video)

 Beauty - Skincare - Makeup - Fragrance Products

The beauty and skincare products manufactured under the name of Artistry are among the world’s top five, largest selling, premium skincare brands.  There is a wealth of information in the links below.

Click On These Links Below To View And Shop

Skincare                  Cleansers                Moisturizers                Toners            View All

Makeup                  Foundations & Powders              Eyes             Lips             View All

Fragrance             For Him                For Her                View All           View All Beauty

Look At And Use The         Skincare Recommender          Special Offers

Take a look at:

Personal Care Products

Click On These Links Below To View And Shop

Bath & Body Care        Nourish              Refresh               Protect              View All

Hair Care                             Care          Treat          Style           View All

Oral Care          Breath Fresheners     Oral Rinses      Toothpastes       View All

                                View All Personal Care                   Special Offers

Take a look at:

Home Care Products

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Air Treatment                          Systems      Replacement      Filters      View All

Cookware         Pots & Pans    Replacement Parts    Cookware Sets     View All

Dish                                                             View All

Disinfectant Cleaners                    View All

Laundry                                 Detergents       Treatments & Additives         View All

Surface Cleaners                             View All

Water Treatment                 Purifiers      Replacement Filters      Kits    View All

                                                        View All Home Care Products

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Becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Amway is a low cost, low risk,  easy business to learn and do.  If interested, ( I ) through my  B/Crescent Services business would like to be your sponsor, online trainer, and advisor when you need help.

Your business distributorship comes wth a web shopper store similar in appearance to the one you just viewed.


Thank you, for coming to the About Home Biz site and visiting the B/Crescent  Services web shopper store. Hope you will return on a regular basis.

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