Startup Goals Are Necessary And Easy To Set

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Startup Goals Made Easy At
B Crescent Services
You Are Helped In Establishing Them
That's What This Business Relationshi
p Is All About

Startup goals are a must before any business can open their doors for activity.  As proprietor of B Crescent Services, I will personally guide you in this most important area of starting a new business.

Hello I am Ken Bradley - Independent Business Owner (IBO) of B Crescent Services the web store that markets, sells, and distributes the Amway Family Brand Products, which includes home, health, and beauty cosmetic products and more.

In addition to marketing, selling, and distributing products I also sponsor others who might be interested in starting their own home based, direct or online sales and distribution business.

That's what this Startup Goals section is all about.

Just so that you will know, I am making an attempt to sponsor you now.



In business since 1985, B Crescent Services ( I ) offer guidance in helping to establish business startup goals for those who have an interest in developing their own Amway home base business venture.

The annual fee for your Amway product marketing, sales, and distribution business is $62.00 - I as your sponsor, do not get any of that as commission.


With this fee, you will be offered proper credentials, a free website store, and in addition to the online training for establishing startup goals, be informed on a variety of ways of how to promote your business.

As a sponsor,  ( I ) B Crescent Services operate in compliance with the AmwayRules Of Conduct Manual.”

 One Of The Most Important
Startup Goals Is:

One of the most important startup goals is to understand and learn about the people and businesses you will be dealing with.

To begin with, I do not require anyone I sponsor to stock up on merchandise.  Nor do I require any sell quotas you have to meet.


Under the sponsorship of B Crescent Services, I am not your manager or supervisor.  My role is to guide, advise, and support your efforts in trying to develop an Amway business.

Your business is owned and managed by you, but you are not alone when you need help.

Your basic training comes directly from Amway.  As your sponsor ( I ) B Crescent Services give guidance and support to any questions you might have.

Another one of the Startup Goals that you can set and reach right now.

Review and understand the educational program that you will be exposed to in order to help your business with Amway be a successful one


NOTE:  I realize not everyone reading this is interested in starting a business with Amway.

I will say, however, that if you are looking to get into any business venture that requires sales (and most do) the information provided here can be quite beneficial to you also.

Amway's Education and Training Dept.

This Unique System Has A Lot To Offer
Watch The Videos

A Self Study and Self Training System

That Allows You To Go At Your Own Pace

( Click On The Green Link Below - Amway Education )

Watch the videos and view the sample courses.  See how the Education Dept. delivers key information to help you grow a profitable home based business.

The link below will give you quite an overview and insight of how Amway trains it's Independent Business Owners.

This is where the easy business startup goals setting begins.

Read and absorb the content of this link and you will get a better understanding of the vastness of Amway.  It will also help you see how it is possible to develop a successful and profitable home based business with this company.

( Click On This Link )

Startup Goals Are Necessary And Easy To Set

Addition information available on this subject at this link and Nav bar:

Home Business Plan

All businesses get off the ground by setting startup goals.  In so many of the low cost easy to do sells and multi-level marketing businesses the sponsors try to establish the new distributor's goals for them.

Developing a business becomes harder to do when you are required by your sponsor or someone else to meet his or her goals for you.

All goals that are set should be set by you based on your own needs and vision of what you want out of your business.

Why are you going into business and what do you want out of it?  This is the basis for startup goals setting.  A lot of things simply need to be thought out before trying to open up for business.

The Home Business Plan link above will help you do this.

Under B Crescent Services sponsorship, you are free to run your business as you see fit, as long as it is in compliance with Amway’sRules Of Conduct Manual.”


B Crescent Services has used Amway as the base product supplier for all of our products from day one.

We also make use of their support and distribution system.  The Amway brand is a long standing household name, and the products speak for themselves.

Millions of people are familiar with the Amway brand name.  For those who are not, this link will inform you about the Amway Family Of Brand Products

If you haven't used Amway's home, health, or beauty cosmetic products, we recommend that you try a few products that are similar with what you are currently using and compare.

When you get close to the end of using your current product, then at that time place an order for the Amway brand similar product.

It's not easy to just switch to another brand of a product that you may have been using for a long time. In some cases that could be all of your life.

It takes time to develop the mindset of product changing, as well as going into a business for yourself.  Slowly and gradually replace your current products with the Amway brand.

Make this one of your startup goals.  Most people don't want to make an immediately decision when someone is trying to sell them something like right now.

Give yourself maybe even three months to make your product replacements.  You can order them from my webshopper store. 

Let me know by emailing me and I'll register you as a new customer and give you a 10% to 25% discount on your orders for the next three months while you make up your mind and / or replace your products.

My email:

By doing so, economically,  you will not be wasting any of your old product nor will you be spending extra money on something that might just sit on your shelf.

That time period will allow you the opportunity to experience the use of the high quality Amway brand.

It also will allow you time to develop a product display and sample kit should you decide to do face to face - one on one presentations if you are going to sell direct.

You do not have to buy a sample kit to become an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) but after all, if you are going to sell a product then you should become familiar with that product by using it yourself.


Marketing, selling, and delivering home, health, and beauty products to a customer base that has shopped from the convenience of their homes for over 30 years is what B Crescent Services has done in the past.

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Following the business plan, laid out by Amway, which was founded in 1959 and headquartered in Ada, Michigan; B Crescent Services has come a long way from the days of calling on strictly family and friends.

B Crescent Services
Has Entered A New Era

From catalogs to website shopping - when the new millennium came in, the world entered into the new era of online shopping.  So did Amway and so did B Crescent Services.


Amway offered website stores to its distributors, and we, like so many others accepted the offer and looked forward to the new era of shopping.


No longer were products just sold out of catalogs and flyers.  And, no longer were distributors limited to just one on one or face to face sales presentations.

This is still a very good and recommended way to get a fast start in this business.


With the quality and economics of the Amway products already established and in place, the B Crescent Services website store simply allowed for the expansion of our customer base and other sales opportunities.


All of the Amway products are high quality and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In following the Amway marketing plan for business growth, B Crescent Services includes sponsoring others into this easy  startup goal setting business venture.

Once you become an official distributor you will be taught how to sponsor others also for your own business growth.

Again you will get help and assistance with this also as this should be and will be one of your major startup goals upon entering the business.

Are You Seeking Extra Income?

Want To Start Your Own Business?

For those individuals who are seeking information on an easy business opportunity click on the link below.


Becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Amway is a low cost, low risk, easy business to learn and do.  

Amway and I help you with setting up your startup goals to help you start off with good footing.

Take a look at these sections for more detail and explanation on how you can easily do the Amway business:

Profitable Home Based Business


Multi Level Sales

B Crescent Services  and ( I ) would like to be your sponsor, online trainer, and advisor when you need help. 

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