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About Home Biz and the affiliate store B Crescent Services Offer - Home Care, Health/Nutrition, Beauty, Sports Drinks & Over 450 Other ProductsYou Also Have Access To Over 50 National Highly Recognizable - Reputable - Name Brand - Department Stores Making It A One Stop & Shop Site For Bargains And Merchandise Of All Sorts. Business Building Entrepreneurs Are Also Consumers You Can Shop Here While Building Your Business

Build A Profitable Home Based Business

Using and Selling Amway Products

( Artistry - Nutrilite - XS Sports Drink - Legacy of Clean  )
Nutrition / Sports Energy Drinks / Beauty /  Bath & Body / Home Cleaning

What Is Amway?

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Hello I'm Ken Bradley, publisher of the About Home Biz site and proprietor of B/Crescent Services.

In this Profitable Home Based Business section, will use my Amway website store of B/Crescent Services as a business model for discussing the Amway  business opportunity.

NOTE: This is a business model that bares examining. Due to the many components of this business, a lot of the information can be applied to most product selling or service oriented businesses.

As a steadfast marketer and affiliate of About Home Biz, all content pertaining to Amway is provided by B/Crescent Services.

There are many diverse and potentially profitable home based business ventures that you can get into with an Amway Home Based Business.

Just a few examples ( keep in mind you would be buying your needed products for these businesses from your own store at a wholesale discount ).

In essence you would be your own supplier enabling you to........

Start a cosmetic makeup application business using Artistry beauty, skincare, makeup products.

Start an office or home cleaning business using Home care cleaning products.

Start a health supplement and sport nutrition drink business using Nutrilite products.

These are just a few examples - with your imagination and taking a look at the over 450 products you probably can come up with more.

These links will help educate you on how to develop a profitable home based business with Amway.  This section, therefore should be read in conjunction with:

the  Startup Goals  section

 and the Multi Level Sales section

Take a look at my B/Crescent Services store. This will give you a chance to see the various categories of products that are available to you in your quest to develop a profitable home based business.

Webshopper - B Crescent Services

While you are seeking information to gain knowledge about Amway, the actual marketing and selling of products is quite simple:

The simplicity of this business is that you are replacing another brand product with the Amway brand.  This applies to yourself and your customers.

Instead of buying products from another store, you simply start buying the same items from your own Amway webstore when you run out of the current brand product that you have been using.

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Welcome to

B Crescent Services Online

"Opportunity Meeting"

For Information On The Sponsor Of This Meeting Link To: 

B Crescent Services

B Crescent Services welcomes you to this “Opportunity Meeting”.  I am Ken Bradley, sole proprietor,  and publisher of the About Home Biz website.

I like the idea of being able to talk to you about Amway and the affiliate Partner Stores.

So often people miss out on simple opportunities due to a lack of   communication, information or misunderstanding.

Developing a home based business with Amway has been going on since 1959, and has been even more simplified by the fact that you can now self train yourself with the help of upline sponsor and the information and educational links now provided.


The information here will surely enhance the knowledge of someone who may already be developing a profitable home based business, or perhaps someone who was in this business but is no longer active.


For the person who is totally new to Amway, this “Opportunity Meeting” will allow you a chance to look over an excellent, low cost, low risk, potentially profitable home based business venture.

You can do this at your leisure and also without feeling like you are being pressured to get into something you know nothing about.

This "Opportunity Meeting" will serve as a guide to discuss and introduce you to a sales and distribution business that has been around for over 60 years.  

Amway Is Often Mis-Understood

This Opportunity Meeting

Should Give You A Better Understanding

One of the most misunderstood and overlooked opportunities in the  home business field is the opportunity to do business as an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) with your own distributorship.

From the beginning, Amway has been a company that is built on the integrity of its high quality products and the support that it gives to those individuals seeking to develop their own successful home base business.


This venture allows you to promote and sell a large variety of products in the home, health, and beauty markets.



Amway offers a  website store to all of it's  Independent Business Owners ( IBOs ) as part of the distributor package.

The annual  registration fee of $62.00 is all that you pay to become an official distributor with Amway.   You do not have to stock up on any inventory or meet any sales quotas.

Hopefully I would be your upline sponsor.  As your sponsor my responsibility is to give you assistance in such things as setting goals, introducing you to all of the educational links and material that will help you succeed.

A lot of that is being done right now at this Opportunity Meeting.

I wish I could say "Welcome Aboard" right now.

In explaining the annual $62.00 - in a way it is similar to the Sam’s Club or Cosco annual membership fee that you pay to gain entrance into those facilities to shop.


The big difference is that your Amway fee allows you to have a business of your own with a first class website online store.


The other membership buying stores don’t give you all the different opportunities that you get when you pay your annual registration fee to Amway.

A lot of Amway products today are sold through the websites of the distributors due to the trend and convenience of online shopping.

Take a look at my B Crescent Services web store to see what your similarly designed, home based business store will look like, and the products it will carry.

As an Independent Business Owner Distributor these products are available to you at a discount price of 10% to 25% off - based on the items purchased.

 (Click On This Link)

Webshopper - B Crescent Services

                        Product department headings will include:

Nutrition - Beauty - Bath & Body - At Home - More Products

You Also Get A Boost In Developing

Your Home Based Business

By Affiliate Marketing For Partner Stores

In addition to the Amway brand products, your website store comes with over 50 National Brand affiliate Partner Stores that you can also sell merchandise from.

This allows you the opportunity to develop your home based business within the affiliate market arena.

These stores can be seen, accessed and shopped from at the Online Department Stores  section or link.

This Opportunity Meeting Will Give You

An Inside Look At Amway

Many of these Partner Stores are businesses you may have already done business with:

Neiman Marcus, The Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop, Bed Bath and Beyond, Foot Locker, JC Whitney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, Omaha Steaks, PETCO, Target, Vista Print and many more.

The B/Crescent Services web store as well as your own web store is designed to help you buy and sell products and merchandise that people use everyday.  It will do four things for you:


1. Give you and your customers information about the Amway brands.


2.  Display, explain, and help you sell more than 450 diverse line of home, health, nutrition, and beauty products. As well as the cookware, water, and air treatment systems.

3. Introduce you and your customers to the more than 50 National Brand Partner Stores.

NOTE:  As stated above: the Partner Stores can be seen,  accessed and shopped from at the Online Department Stores  section.


4. Offer your customers an opportunity to start their own Amway and affiliate home business.  They too can market the Partner Stores and you would receive residual income.

Once you become an Independent Business Owner ( IBO ) you yourself will be an upline sponsor and be able to help others to develop their own  home based business - just like what I am attempting to do with you now.

It is a complete business building package for just $62.00 a year.

Why Amway?

The Amway company was chosen as a business opportunity company to look at on this site for many reasons.  For one it has popularity and longevity.  Amway has been in business since 1959, with the home office located in Ada, Michigan.


The company has a respectable business status and is financially stable.  The average sales for Amway is over $7 billion annually, making it the number one global, logistic, product distribution company, with an affiliate market network included.


The Direct Selling News website, which is the official news media for the direct sells industry - in their April 24,2019 issue listed Amway as the No. 1 Top 100 Global Direct Sales Company.  This is the link for that issue:


Amway Helps You Get Into

The Affiliate Marketing Business

As a major global logistic and distribution company, Amway has used it's resources to pull together a large number of national brand companies in order to include them in your website store.

This method of selling other companies products along with your Amway brands is called affiliate marketing.

If you've heard anything at all about affiliate marketing, you'll find that Amway is one of the easiest ways for an entrepreneur to get into that field of business.

As an affiliate of over 50 National Brand Stores, it enables the Independent Business Owner "IBO" entrepreneur to become a more diverse and profitable home based business owner.

It is difficult sometimes getting into the affiliate marketing field, to build a profitable home based business. Most businesses that you want to affiliate with require you to have an established website before letting you market their products.

Some will also require that you maintain a periodic quota of viewers to click onto their links.

Amway has taken that obstacle out of the equation by supplying a first class website store to each individual that becomes a registered IBO.

Again, there are information links to educate you on this aspect of your Amway business.  The links provide instruction and guidance on how to develop all aspects of your business.


Every Amway IBO has an opportunity to market their products and national brand merchandise through their own website store, which is part of their package in the registration fee.

The annual $62.00 registration fee is quite reasonable.  It is more economical then having to go set up your own website store and then pay for a domain name and hosting fees.

So for anyone wanting to work on developing a profitable home based business in the affiliate marketing field, with their own website store, this is the route to go.

Amway World Headquarters

All of the Amway Information Links come directly from the Amway Headquarters in Ada, Michigan.

( Click On This Link To Learn More About Amway )

Amway has a network of distributors (IBOs) operating in over 80 countries world-wide, who are all working to develop their own profitable home based business.

Having your own Amway business allows you to work when and where you want.  An Amway business has low start-up costs, no sales quotas, guaranteed products, and great potential.

Most importantly, however, as to why Amway was chosen as a business opportunity company to look at is because of the support system.

The self help information links available to help with product knowledge.  Their educational training program and business assist that is always available for the Amway IBO distributors.


If you are striving to develop a profitable home based business, you couldn't have chosen a better company then Amway to give you an over abundance of valuable information to help you build a successful business.

Start Your Own Business

Watch The Video

Register Here To Become An IBO

Or A Customer Of B/Crescent Services

There are many take away lessons you can get from this "Opportunity Meeting".

How Amway relates to the About Home Biz audience is that with the diverse product line and the ability to have an affiliate marketing home business with over 50 name brand Partner Stores, you are now able to develop a successful and profitable home based business in many different areas and categories.


Take time to study, absorb and put into action what is presented in the content here.  What you will find, is that the information links provided can help anyone who is seeking the opportunity to develop a profitable home based business.

These information links will help you with startup, sales, and marketing of the Amway brand, as well as the over 50 Partner Stores affiliates.


The knowledge you acquire while examining the content presented will help you to see and understand the type of information that is available and needed to build a profitable home based business.

The simplicity of having a business where the operating procedures are clearly defined, simply organized and proven to be effective is very important when starting a new business venture.


The information links from the Education Department will guide you every step of the way.

Develop A Profitable Home Based Business

Examine What The Education Dept.
Has To Offer – Watch The Videos

A unique direct selling tool you can use for one on one presentations

Watch the videos and view the sample courses.  See how the Education Dept. delivers key information to help you grow a profitable home based business.

The link below will give you quite an overview and insight of how Amway trains it's Independent Business Owners.

This is where developing a profitable home based business starts.

Read and absorb the content of this link and you will get a better understanding of the vastness of Amway.  It will also help you see how it is possible to develop a successful and profitable home based business with this company.

( Click On These Links )


After visiting the Education Dept.

return back here to the "Opportunity Meeting"

Getting The Facts

Is A Must In Developing

 A Profitable Amway Home Based Business

When you start working on developing a profitable home based business like Amway you need to get true facts before trying to build it into a successful business.

Amway is not a hard business to understand or do.  Today you are  provided with information links that help guide you in the areas of startup, development, sales and marketing.

The simplicity of this business is that you are replacing another brand product with the Amway brand.  This applies to yourself and your customers.

Instead of buying products from another store, you simply start buying the same items from your own Amway webstore when you run out of the current brand product that you have been using.

Over the years many individuals have developed very successful Amway home based online businesses.

Amway is a multi level marketing type of business, which makes it a low cost, low risk type of business to get into.

Because multi level marketing is sometimes mis-understood there is a special section on this concept that explains this subject in great detail.

Refer to the Multi Level Sales section for more detailed information.


B Crescent Services operates in compliance with the AmwayRules Of Conduct Manual.” We do not require anyone we sponsor to stock up on merchandise.  Nor do we require any sell quotas you have to meet.


B/Crescent Services, is not your manager or supervisor.  Your business is owned and managed by you. Our role is to guide, advise, and support your efforts in trying to develop a profitable home based business.

Any goals that are set should be set by you based on your own needs and vision of what you want out of your business. 

Under B Crescent Services sponsorship, you are free to run your business as you see fit, as long as it is in compliance with Amway’sRules Of Conduct Manual.”

Our hope is that you will join up through B Crescent Services and let us be your online sponsor to help get you started in your home base business venture with Amway.

What’s provided in this Opportunity Meeting is enough information for you to make an intelligent decision. The decision is yours as to whether or not getting into Amway is something you want to do as a home base business.

A sample of our training is what is going on right now with this opportunity meeting presentation.

B Crescent Services method of training is based upon your readiness, willingness, and acceptance of what we have to offer by way of advice and guidance.  (This is not a get rich quick kind of business).

A Quick Review Of - What Is Amway?

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Thank You For Visiting This Profitable Home Based Business Section And Attending the "Opportunity Meeting"

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