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About Home Biz is a resource - referral - and reference guide for individuals who are seeking information on how to build, develop, and market a home based business.

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When selling from home, or promoting a small business, one of the marketing avenues that is often overlooked is the use of  classified online advertisement.

Using classified ads online listings is a smart way to market and promote your selling from home business.  They are direct and to the point. They have an audience, and they still work.

Using a 30 - word ad, with a classified head listing will get the attention of viewers that come to this site.

About Home Biz is inviting individuals, small and home base businesses alike to make use of the  Classified Online Advertisement section of our website.

If you want to start advertising your social media or home based business, website / email address business, or simply buy, sell, trade, or rent you will be able to do so in this Classified Online Advertisement section.

To place an ad in the Classified Online Advertisement section of the About Home Biz website the price is $5.00 for each 30 - word ad insertion.

About Home Biz is a consumer shopping site.

About Home Biz is also a resource, referral, and reference guide site for those who want to start their own home business.

Our classified online advertisement section lends itself to both.

The content  in this section allows you to provide advertisement information, to help with your home business development, sales, and marketing.

We serve a viewing audience that is regional, national and international.


What better way to help any venture then to provide economical classified advertisement space where you can market your business.

The classified online advertisement section can help individuals with social media, home base, email, and website address businesses to expose their enterprises to a wide variety of individuals domestic and foreign.

This classified online advertisement section can also help consumers find great buys and items of interest.

When selling anything from home, be it a garage sale item or a business product or service, you have to let people know that you exist.

Advertising is a necessity in the marketing and sale cycle.

Come advertise with us and enjoy the benefit of advertising in a website publication that will help you promote your item or business to our viewing audience.  

Use Your
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The classified online advertisement listings can be used for advertising your home business and it can also be used to sell, buy, trade or rent personal items or business services and products.

Or simply use the classified to list your website URL address with a description of what your business is all about.


For Individuals without a business you can advertise personal messages. Birthday greetings, thank you notes,  congratulation notes on promotions, graduations, anniversaries.  Your only limitation is your imagination. 



All advertisement must follow the guideline of the form that is located after you go past the Classified Online Advertisement Listings below.

It must be clear enough with no abbreviations, in order to avoid any typographical and phone, or address errors.

The date and contact name of the individual or person authorizing the ad must accompany the submitted ad copy. 


The earlier the ad is submitted the earlier it will be listed.  All advertisement that is to be listed for any given month must be submitted by the 22nd of each previous month.

The earlier the ad is submitted the longer it will be seen by our viewing audience. 


To expedite the advertisement submission process – simply email to About Home Biz the requested information that is shown on the Classified Online Advertisement Form below.

That form is the guideline to use for advertising your business or personal message.  It can be copied, scanned, filled out and submitted.  Just simply type out the information and send in as a straight email.


Send your info to:

About Home Biz reserves the right to re-classify, edit or simply refuse to publish any advertisement that is considered not proper for publication.


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How To Build A Website Course Section


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All ads are subject to Category Change, Being Edited or Refused based on content.  Use the form below for guidance.  Type & Email your classified advertisement information to:

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