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Introduces About Home Biz as

A resource - referral - and reference guide for those consumer minded shoppers who also are seeking info on the development of home based business ventures

For those seeking information on  business startup or existing home business development, you have come to the right place.

Many new and experienced business managers today are buying into the idea that website ownership will automatically get you viewers, visitors, and buyers of the merchandise or services that you promote.

They do not understand why their sites are not getting any responses.


A lot of technology is involved in bringing up a search result.  But basically, the reason you see any website or any other information when you do an internet search is because the search engine you are using has picked up on a keyword in your inquiry.


This is one area of business that I will explain in great detail and will use my own "live", online web shopper store B/Crescent Services as an example of how to get FREE visitors to your website without always using your exact website address.

B Crescent Services is an affiliate store of About Home Biz and is the contributing content and information provider on the supplier of that business and associated businesses.

Much of the content you read here will be based around the developing, promoting, and growing of the B/Crescent Services - Web Shopper Store.

The Direct Selling News website, which is the official news media for the direct sells industry - has listed Amway as the No. 1 Top 100 Global Direct Sales Company.

The link for the April 24th, 2019 - where they are listed in the top 100 Global 2019 direct sell companies is at this web address:


For those who have other types of home based or small businesses, the information I provide will be of great value to you also.

There are basic key elements that go into the startup, development, growth, and marketing of any and all businesses. Hopefully you will be able to pick up some valuable information that will help you in your own business enterprise.