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 The Home Business Plan

When thinking about your home business plan, or idea, you may have had pictures of grandeur in your mind.  You'll want to keep that vision.  Now that you have actually decided to start your business the big question is, “how do I get started and where do I go from here?”


Treat your business like you would any other serious life changing or career employment move.  There are a number of things that need to get done before you just start doing business.

Getting together a “Things To Consider and Do List” and then checking them off as they are completed is your first priority before hanging up your "Open For Business" sign.


That list could be a mile long so slow down and take a moment to think about all the necessary things you need to do in order to get your business up and running.


The home business plan is a process and the first in a series of steps that you will be setting throughout the life of your small or home business.


Do not confuse this process with the actual business objective. You’ll start working on the objective in short time, as that is an integral part of getting started.


Briefly, the business objective would be the ultimate goal of what you want to achieve by going into business.


The home business plan is your step by step guide and road map to show you what course of action you have to take in order to get to your destination, which is your business objection.

  The Home Business Plan
Is A New Career Path For You

Like any other profession, you have to look at the home business plan as a new career.   It’s a new beginning.   You face new challenges.   You will be making new decisions that will determine your future income from home.


Getting off the starting block correctly, in what could be the most exciting race of your lifetime, makes all the difference in the world.   


With that being said, your current personal assessment, and willingness to engage in personal development should be a constant state of mind. 


Are you going to be a one person operation?  If so, you are now the business owner and manager, supervisor, production worker, marketing director, and sales representative. 


What skills are you bringing with you to make you qualified and competent to perform all the job positions you are about to take on? 


The home business plan process is more like starting several new jobs, all at the same time.   You now have ownership of every job function your business has to offer.   There are probably some you’re not even aware of yet. 


Take the time and do a complete occupational skill assessment  of yourself.   Then update or put together a new one page resume just to see if you have the expertise to work at your own business.

If you were applying for a job anywhere else, that employer  would require a resume in order to make an assessment of your abilities. 


Treat yourself  the same way another employer would treat you.  The assessment of yourself and the writing of the one page resume  will enlighten you as to the actual skills you have. 


Even though it is your own home business plan, do you qualify for a position at your own business?   It’s good to know this up front because it could cost you plenty later on. 


What if down the road you come to realize that you are not competent enough to be a self-employed person in the field you have chosen? 


Having a business dream and not having the ability to perform the task can be quite devastating to one’s self-esteem. Especially if you have to fire yourself.

Home Business Plan
Resources Are Available

On a positive note, if you lack any of the skills or experience in the area of self employment that you feel you need, there are a lot of resources to go to.


In part, that is the purpose of this About Home Biz website.   It is a resource site that you can use as a reference guide that will direct you to additional home business plan development resources.


Thanks to technology today acquiring a needed skill for the home business entrepreneur is just a matter of research and study.   If you really want to advance yourself you also have to take on the additional task of being a student. 


Being a student does not necessarily mean the traditional classroom type, where you put in so many hours a semester or grading period.

It simply means doing research and possibly attend a workshop or two that could be helpful to you in an area of business where you might be lacking. 


There is a lot to learn, and it does not come overnight.   Make a pledge to yourself to learn as much as you can about the home business plan process and the home business career field you have chosen. 


In most cities today there is usually a local chamber of commerce, a business development center, business associations, and even your local public library will sponsor and put on free home business plan workshops. 


The organization SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) is another great resource.  It would be wise to get on your local SCORE office email list.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.

They have been doing this for more than 50 years.

Because their work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and their network of more than 10,000 volunteers, they are able to deliver their services at no charge or at a very low cost.

They conduct free business workshops on a regular basis and on various topics for small and home business entrepreneurs. 

You can connect with SCORE's national office at :

1-800-634-0245  or click on:  www.score.org


Once you're satisfied that your home business plan's job function and business management skills are all in check, the next major area of study should be that of your home business idea itself.

Assuming that you have a very exciting business idea, you’ll want to play devil’s advocate and ask yourself these questions at the same time you are putting your business  plan together: will my idea work; how will it work; and when and where will it work?


Most startup business owners get so excited about their home business plan project that they forget to think about the high failure rate of new businesses. 


Big businesses rely on statistical data before they expand or take on new ventures.  The data they study is the feasibility report or study.  It is the gathering of information regarding a particular market or area of business that you are wanting to get into. 


The main purpose of the report is to make sure that there is a market for your business.  And that it will be able to create cash flow and make profit.   The feasibility report will help you analyze and summarize whether or not you should proceed with your business idea.

When one starts to do real research, you come to realize that just because you have an idea that you like, it is not always feasible to pursue it or maybe take a look at it from a different angle.

It is better to know up front if your business has viability as opposed to starting up and then having to close up shop. Having the knowledge and understanding of market studies can advance you quickly in your home business plan process.

Free Help
Is Available For
 Your Home Business Plan

Very few people have the knowledge or experience to do a full and complete feasibility report.  Don’t sweat it.  Free help is available. 


Once again, organizations like SCORE at:


your local chamber of commerce, business and trade associations, banks, universities, public libraries, and business related government agencies (Small Business Administration) are places to go to for the statistical business data gathering and information you seek.

Through an organization like SCORE they can inform you of Small Business Development centers that might be in your area.

These business development centers can help with marketing strategy, feasibility studies, strategic growth and all phases of your home business plan.

Some locally sponsored college business development centers will provide college business student teams who are up to date on the latest trends.

These students solve thousands of real world business problems.

They can help to custom design and implement databases to manage customer, prospect, and transaction information.

Human resource management related projects are also accepted, including creating and performing surveys and culture assessments.

In-depth research can be performed by these centers to define the best target markets, and even gather pricing information on businesses in your similar field.


Don’t get discouraged before you get started.   You do, however, need to be just as excited about seeing if your home business plan will work as you are with getting it started. 


This is a major step.   Not understanding the importance of the feasibility report and other vital home business startup information is a big part of why so many small businesses fail. The above mentioned organizations and agencies have a wealth of information just waiting for you. 


They are great places to go to with your startup home business  plan.  They have unlimited resources that can help you and your business grow.   Do not bypass or overlook them. 


Make a pledge to yourself.  Research, study and learn to master all aspects of  the  business startup plan process.   With that in mind, the process will be exciting, fun, pleasurable, and rewarding. 


Don't Have A
Home Business Plan Idea
But Still Want To Go Into Business

Listed Below Are Some Home Base Business Ideas

That You Might Be Of Interest To You

Business Idea No. 1

Not everyone in business today have started with their own business idea. Many people who want to go into business, do so with an already established company such as Amway.

Amway offers an easy to do and economical home business plan and opportunity in the multi - level, product sales and distribution business.

The high quality line of products they carry is in the areas of home cleaning, health, nutrition, beauty and cosmetics.

This company, has been in business since 1959, and has an entry level cost that is low.  The risk factor is low, and  you don't need a lot of business experience because their online, home business plan, training systems and track record of stability speaks for itself.

For An Example Of Amway's Distributor Training
Take A Look At The Educational Dept. Of Amway
This Information Is Provided By - B Crescent Services

Watch the videos and view the sample courses.  See how the Education Dept. delivers key information to help you get through the home business plan process.


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Business Idea No. 2

Have You Ever Thought About
Developing A Website Business
For Your Home Business Plan?

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Other Business Ideas

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