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This About Home Biz site is also a resource - referral - and reference guide for those consumer minded shoppers who also are seeking info on the development of home based business ventures

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Is Your Home Business Idea Valid?

Once you’re satisfied that your job function and business management skills are all in check, the next major area of study should be that of your home business idea.


Also ask yourself, “why will it work,” “how will it work,” and “when and where will it work?”   Put your questions and answers down on paper because this will be the starting point of writing your home business plan.


Commit yourself to research, study and learning.  Success in home business boils down to delivering the best products, merchandise, and service in order to solve your client or customers’ needs.


These are not just idle words to read!!!  You are now in a very competitive world of where only the financially strong or intelligently smart survive.


Ask yourself, “What does your home business idea have to offer, that someone else or a larger company could offer at perhaps better quality, cheaper price, or faster service?”   Until you become a household name in business, you have to be on top of your game.


Make a pledge to yourself.  Research, study and learn to master all aspects of the home business plan process.   With that in mind, the process will be exciting, fun, pleasurable, and rewarding.

To Help You Better Understand
What To Look For In A Feasibility Report

Take A Look At A
Home Business Idea That Has
Stood The Test Of Time

I'm using my own web shopper business of B Crescent Services as the business model to help you formulate a feasibility study on your own or even with assistance from a business agency.

As an Amway Product, Independent Business Owner, distributor, take note of why my products are purchased.  This is important because this is what you want your potential customers to indicate to you in your feasibility report or study.

Amway products are sold with a complete satisfaction and money back guarantee.   The customer service department handles complaints with speed and professionalism.

I explain in this About Home Biz site that if you are new to using Amway products, it is understood that you might have difficulty in making a decision about changing the brand of a product you are currently using.

NOTE:  I mention this because I am asking you to purchase Amway products from me as you run out of the current brand you are using.

Likewise if you chose this to be a good home business idea then you would be trying to persuade you potential customer to do the same.


The best way to do that is when you/they run out of a particular brand, suggest to a prospect to replace it with a similar item from the high quality Amway brand products.


B Crescent Services understands that there is reluctance from the consumer when presented with new products and new brands.

That is why we provide so much information about our products to our customers.

Information, information, information.  We also understand that a NO today could very well be a YES tomorrow.

Never give up on a potential sell or customer.

The product brands are shown below.

The health products are manufactured under the name of Nutrilite, and is the number 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand.

People buy these products because Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on certified organic farms.

Nutrilite Products

Click On These Links Below To View And Shop

Vitamins & Supplements    Foundational   Targeted   Convenience    View All

Weight Management            Bundles & Kits           Bars         Shakes           View All

Sports Nutrition                       Energize         Hydrate           Recharge          View All

Energy Drinks                            View All       View All Nutrition         Special Offers

Look At - And Use The Nutrilite         Supplement Recommender  

Artistry Informational Link (Watch Video)

 Beauty - Skincare - Makeup - Fragrance Products
The beauty and skincare products manufactured under the name of Artistry are among the world’s top five, largest selling, premium skincare brands.  There is a wealth of information in the links below.

Click On These Links Below To View And Shop

Skincare                  Cleansers                Moisturizers                Toners            View All

Makeup                  Foundations & Powders              Eyes             Lips             View All

Fragrance             For Him                For Her                View All           View All Beauty

Look At And Use The         Skincare Recommender          Special Offers

Skincare                  Cleansers                Moisturizers                Toners            View All

Makeup                  Foundations & Powders              Eyes             Lips             View All

Fragrance             For Him                For Her                View All           View All Beauty

Look At And Use The         Skincare Recommender          Special Offers

 Why Should You Buy Amway Products?

Why should you buy anyone's product line?

Being knowledgeable about what you purchase allows you to have a more educated and pleasurable shopping experience.  It also helps you to know that what you buy is reliable.


There are several different categories regarding buying a product, merchandise or service that your typical consumer will look at:


1. How long has the product been on the market.

2. The background and history of the company that supplies it.

3. Available information about the product.

4. What kind of guarantee comes with the product.

Fortunately for B Crescent Services the Home Business Idea for this business was established in 1959.  All I had to do was follow the home business plan, which is what I followed from day one.

B Crescent Services fortunate in that informational data and customer statements have already been captured and all I have to do is promote, market, show, tell, and sell.  It makes my participation in this home business idea pretty much stress free.


Here is an Information Resource link that has a few Questions and Answers that consumers have.  This link will help you become aware of what other consumers want to know about your home business idea.



Why Are Amway Products
Not Sold In Stores

A Home Business Idea Established From the Start

The average annual sales for Amway's Family Of Brands products is over $8 billion.  It is one of America’s largest global, logistic, distribution companies with  distributors operating in over 80 countries world-wide.


The marketing strategy and method of distribution of these products today recognizes the current trend of web base shopping.  Thus, by offering website stores to shop from, it allows the online shopper the convenience of shopping from any location without going to a store or having someone come to your home.

While the home business idea of doing business with people in the homes for years was the common strategy for staying is personal contact with your customer that is not necessary the strategy for today's social media, and high tech world.


Amway products are not sold in retail stores or outlets. By not having overhead cost of buildings, utilities, or employees to run the stores it allows those freed up dollars to be put into research, manufacturing, and marketing their brand.  Amway products are very high quality but yet very economical to use.

For more information on why the Amway products are sold through Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and not sold in retail store outlets - go to the link below.



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