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In this section, About Home Biz, provides a platform for our affiliate website host and developer to present content articles about various businesses they have helped and guided to get started, developed, and marketed. 


These feature articles cover a wide range of topics on small and home base businesses that are operating successfully.

By featuring these businesses in this section, it gives exposure to those entrepreneurs and it allows our readers the opportunity to see how having the right help and guidance can be a benefit for your own business ideas. 


Articles in this section are of an affiliate marketing nature.  When we share this content with our audience, we hope to educate you about different business building options and opportunities.


About Home Biz is an affiliate marketing and content media site.  We encourage and promote this type of business because of the growth potential in this field.

These home business features are especially good to read for someone who is wanting to get a better idea of what the affiliate and content niche business is all about. 


The business environment today is such that large brick and mortar stores are closing their doors and moving their merchandise through big name affiliates or individuals who have learned how to get into the affiliate marketing field of business.

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Affiliate Marketing Is Explained

To explain about About Home Biz being an affiliate marketing site, it simply means that this site or others who are displayed in this section may get paid a commission if something is purchased by the reader as a result of going to the link associated with that particular article.

About Home Biz is like any other media outlet, we provide content for our reading audience.  We sell ad space, merchandise, and affiliate market concepts, products, and opportunities in order to create revenue for this business.


Please do not hesitate or shy away from the links.  The links themselves offer a tremendous amount of information that could be beneficial to you in the development of your own home base or online business. 


Hopefully, the reason you are here is because you are interested in starting or developing some type of small or home business enterprise.

The affiliate marketing business field is an excellent way to do just that. 


If you do click onto the links for the feature stories, you’ll be exposed to information and gain knowledge that will put you a step closer to obtaining your dream of going into business for yourself. 


Perhaps, after reading these articles you too will find within yourself  the motivation, drive, and vision to develop a business in the affiliate marketing field. 


When you read any of the business content articles, do so for your own interest on that subject matter and for the benefit of the information it presents. 


Rest assured you are never under any obligation to purchase anything. 


Content articles on different types of businesses presented in this section are headline listed and accessed through the links below.

About Home Biz is  an affiliate, promoter, and seller of the SBI Complete Online Business Building - Keyword Generated Simple Website Building System.

Providing information in a website format is an excellent way and another way to get started with a home based business.

Perhaps, right now, you have a particular niche, theme, or business that you would like to turn into a website.

In addition to the Home Business Features Articles below information is provided right here on that subject:


A Home Business Features Article

Steady Income From The Arts

This Calligraphy Lover Shows It’s Doable

Instead of forcing her creativity into a 9-to-5 job, this artist uses her calligraphy skills to teach a global audience and produce a steady income online.


A Home Business Features Article

The State Of Solopreneurship

The Internet presents unparalleled opportunity for individuals to build online businesses with freedom-creating, life-impacting results.


A Home Business Features Article

How To Add By Subtracting

A content writer isn't done when there's nothing left to say. She's finished when there's nothing left to remove. But how do you know when you're really done?


A Home Business Features Article

From Online To Offline

How To Be Profitable From Day One

Melissa's online business provided the training wheels for successfully launching a local massage therapy clinic; plus it gave her a nice cash injection.


Start A Website Business

Start with a website and turn it into a profitable business that allows you to be home with your family and work at the same time.

Soooo many SBI! owners have shared incredible "I Quit My Day Job" and "I'm Living The Solopreneur Life" type stories, each super-charged with emotion. We only wish we had the room to publish them all!