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This About Home Biz site is also a resource - referral - and reference guide for those consumer minded shoppers who also are seeking info on the development of home based business ventures

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Please Note:   As a home based affiliate business marketing site the following disclosure is being made in order to keep in compliance with the Federal Trades Commission regarding affiliate referrals and recommendations where the possibility of commissions are paid back to About Home Biz.

When you purchase an item as a result of going to resources from one of the links,  About Home Biz  will get paid a commission.


Some of the recommendations and referral affiliate links help this website produce income in order to stay in business, like any other media.  The resources made available you, in this publisher's evaluation, are reputable consumer conscious businesses.


Consumer conscious - meaning business model companies that will stand behind their products or services.   Consumer conscious, to also mean that the business opportunities presented are not get rich quick schemes.  But instead are laid out business plans that have a history of success for income opportunity.


You are never under any obligation to buy anything.  Those links, referrals and recommendations given are for items that can be beneficial to you.

With that being said, this online media business exists like any other media.  We publish valuable content,  sell merchandise, provide links to supportive affiliate businesses and offer advertisement space to our audience and others in order to operate profitably.

What Is A Home Based Affiliate Business?

Many companies today, large and small sign up individuals and other companies to sell their products and services through home based affiliate business owners.  The individuals and/or companies then market and sell the items for a commission.

Take a look at some of the links provided in this section to get some idea of the various large national stores that you can affiliate with.

Athleta    https://athleta.gap.com/?tid=ataff4289139&ap=2&siteID=atafcid10660208&cjevent=6517432521ff11e980da02e20a24060e

If you currently have a business and would like to grow, you can even offer others an opportunity to earn income by becoming an independent home based affiliate business with you.  Those who choose to affiliate with you would work strictly on commission.

This idea is nothing new.  Prior to the internet and online businesses small home based entrepreneurs have always sold other companies products by working out of catalogs.

BassProShop  https://www.basspro.com/shop/en?hvarAID=vantage&cjevent=d2a302f937e911e980c900cd0a1c0e1

Direct door to door, one on one sales, party plans.  Companies like Amway, Avon, Shaklee, Watkins, and many others started out that way and prospered by having independent salesmen and women market and sell their products.

Because of the internet and the ease of developing one's own website today, companies are taking advantage of cutting some of their overhead cost and increasing their sales by having home based affiliate business owners market and sell their products and services.

Bed Bath and Beyond    https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/?AID=10822072&PID=4289139&SID=130XSmFyHu23305813&source=Commission+Junction&utm_source=Affinity+Solutions&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=Home+Page&mcid=AF_CJ___1470427&cjevent=44df1f2c21f411e980da02db0a24060e

It is a win win situation for all parties involved.  Just about every major national chain store has an affiliate program available for the home based affiliate business owner.

Go to the header page of just about any major department store or business and in the bottom footer section you will see the words affiliate or affiliate programs.

Foot Locker    https://www.footlocker.com/?SID=8259&&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-rakuten-_-all-_--_--_--_-p-_-prospecting-_-default-_--_--_--_-text-_--_--_--_-&siteID=E7Il34ja9WM-h5f5_JWbFTTSBYoMg2yu0A&ranMID=3071&ranEAID=465664&ranSiteID=E7Il34ja9WM-h5f5_JWbFTTSBYoMg2yu0A

Before the internet you had mail order houses.  Today you have online shopping.  Different time, different name, different trend but still the same thing.

As a home based affiliate business owner this field of entrepreneurship can be very exciting and profitable provided you are set up properly and have chosen the right field as to what type of products and services you want to market.

Gap https://www.gap.com/browse/home.do?tid=goaff1569421&ap=2&siteID=goafcid10415271&cjevent=6925c4ca42e711e9820d01cb0a1c0e14


How Does One Start A

Home Based Affiliate Business?

Starting a business venture is like starting a new job.  If you were looking for employment and the pay was sufficient what field or niche would you like to work in.

Like any business, the home based affiliate business takes time to start, grow, market and prosper.  Unless you are already in an existing relationship with another company or have a business of your own it is best you keep your day or night job and enter this field on a part time basis.

By all means pick a field or niche that you would really enjoy working in.  If you are afraid of selling don't worry about that because home based affiliate business owners don't meet their clients in person.

As mentioned earlier you have to have a website to get into this field of business.  A lot of companies you sign up with as a representive or distributor will give you a website with your membership fee.  The problem is they do not inform you as to how to market that website.

The link below is what I used to promote and market my B/Crescent Services webstore on this About Home Biz site.

As a matter of fact, this entire site was built using this system.

Website Course.

NOTE:  If you were providing a personal service from a business you are currently involved, you could  have someone else do your marketing and sales by setting up your own home based affiliate business program where you pay them commission on the business they send you.

However, if you are selling your own products or the products or services for someone else your contact is usually made through that customer going through your own website where you refer the customer to your affiliates website.

To keep track of your referrals and/or sales the company you are selling for will give you an individual coded link that your customer will use when they purchase an item or items from that company you are affiliated with.

Take a look at the example links below:


                            Online Department Stores

Still don't know what type of products or niche you'll like to be a home based affiliate business owner  in.  We all have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it.  It only takes one idea to create a very successful business online.

Don't have any ideas?  The About Home Biz website is loaded with business ideas and success stories.

How Do You Become A
Home Based Affiliate
Business Owner? 

There are numerous ways of getting into the affiliate marketing business.  To begin with a lot of the Multi Level Sales companies  have links attached to them along with professionally designed websites.

These companies as stated earlier are usually Consumer Conscious - meaning business model companies that will stand behind their products or services.

Consumer Conscious, to also mean that the business opportunities presented are not get rich quick schemes.  But instead are laid out business plans that have a history of success for income opportunity.

The Amway Corporation, which is an affiliate business of About Home Biz, located in Ada, Michigan since 1959 has an excellent home based affiliate business program.

In addition to the over 450 Amway brand products, you are given a webstore that comes with over 50 National Brand affiliate Partner Stores that you can also market and sell merchandise from.

If you go to the link of  our affiliate store,

Web Shopper - B/Crescent Services

The over 50 National Brand Partner Stores that you can develop a profitable home based affiliate business with are listed and can be found under the More Products nav bar of the web store.

After clicking onto Partner Stores, the following screen will appear that will allow you click onto and see the various stores you can be affiliated with if you were to become an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO).

Partner Stores

View All



PLEASE NOTE: At this time you will only be able to see the names of the Partner Stores.  Full access to the stores, their bargains, and affiliate programs will occur once you have become a registered customer with B Crescent Services or a registered Independent Business Owner with Amway.

Many of these Partner Stores are businesses you may have already done business with:

Neiman Marcus, The Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop, Bed Bath and Beyond, Foot Locker, JC Whitney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, Omaha Steaks, PETCO, Target, Vista Print and many more.

Other Ways Of Getting Into Your Own
Home Based Affiliate Business

Other ways of getting into the home based affiliate business would be through social media.

Do you have an existing blog dealing with specific subject matter? Are you a member of a local club or organization that has a niche or topic that you are passionate about.

If you have a blog, create more content and focus on more blogging. It will let visitors know you're an expert in that particular field.

Then it's just a matter of finding a home based affiliate business program that you can promote and sell products for.

Several companies that specialize in that field are Amazon, Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) and Clickbank. There are many others but these are more popular.

Commission rates will vary from company to company and from product to product.

Amazon, as you might expect has many books on the subject of home based affiliate business and well as on home based business in general.

Take A Look At Some Of These