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Free Website Traffic is a must read chapter.

About Home Biz is a resource - referral - and reference guide for individuals who are seeking information on how to build, develop, and market a home based business.

About Home Biz and the affiliate store B Crescent Services Offer - Home Care, Health/Nutrition, Beauty, Sports Drinks & Over 450 Other ProductsYou Also Have Access To Over 50 National Highly Recognizable - Reputable - Name Brand - Department Stores Making It A One Stop & Shop Site For Bargains And Merchandise Of All Sorts. Business Building Entrepreneurs Are Also Consumers You Can Shop Here While Building Your Business.

This Free Website Traffic Section Should Be Read In Conjunction with:

The  How To Build A Website section

For those seeking information on getting free website traffic for your business startup or existing home business development, you have come to the right place.

Many new and experienced business managers today are buying into the idea that website ownership will automatically get you viewers, visitors, free website traffic and buyers of the merchandise or services that you promote.

They do not understand why their sites are not getting any responses.

Hello again, if you've read other parts of this website.  I'm Ken Bradley publisher of this About Home Biz site and proprietor of B/Crescent Services.

Until I became educated on this subject of how to get free website traffic I thought the same thing. I had ( have ) a very professionally designed web store but I was not given any real instructions on how to bring free website traffic to the site.

At this point all you have is a website address and unless you send out some type of message advertising your web address no one knows how to find you.

My distributor package basically gave me information getting  free website traffic by using social media outlets.  This works a little bit at first because friends and family want to say they supported you.

This rarely is on a continuous basis but at least it was something.

On all sites there are high volume posters, medium volume posters, and low volume posters.  That's why you never see all of your friends at any one time.

Some just don't interact with all of the posting - just like in life they stay away from a lot of the B.S.

What I see most, is that a lot of the low volume posters will almost always make a comment when there are birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby births, or deaths.

What social medias want you to do if you post a lot of business  seeking ads, is "boost" or pay for the business ads that you try to post on your personal or business pages.

Nothing wrong with that.

They show you the ad that you were trying to post and attach a note to it saying "only you can see this".  Then will give you a suggested budget to spend on advertising and how many people you will possibly reach.

And I get it - they are in the business of trying to earn a dollar and so am I or ( we ).  And so again there goes the free website traffic,

Trust me all of these search engines used by the social media outlets have very powerful algorithm systems.  These systems keep track of high volume users with their systems as well as low volume users.

These algorithm systems also keep track of your product or interest searches on the internet and that is why you will have certain category type ads or notifications show up on your news feed.

For example if your search is for hunting or fishing gear on the internet you will start to receive outdoors man type advertisement on your news feed.

If your search is for fashion or beauty cosmetics you will receive similar types advertisement on your news feed.

The reason for this is because national advertisers pay millions of dollars to the social media outlets and the media outlets want to make sure the ads are matched up with the individuals who are looking for that type of product or service.


A lot of technology is involved in bringing up a search result.  But basically, the reason you see any website or any other information when you do an internet search is because the search engine you are using has picked up on a keyword in your inquiry.

Based on knowing this there is a way of getting free website traffic.

This Section Should Be Read In Conjunction with:

The  How To Build A Website  Section


In Setting Up About Home Biz

I Worked With Site Sell ( Solo Build It )

To Help Build This Site

About Home Biz came about online as the result of working with the Site Sell company out of Canada. Their How To Build A Website Course is what was used to build this site.

This is one area of business that I will explain in great detail and can use my own "live", online web shopper store B/Crescent Services as an example of how to get FREE website traffic to your website without always using your exact website address.

The various links provided throughout this site give testimony and detail on the simplicity of using the Site Sell system.

It was the How To Build A Website Course that educated and instructed me on how to develop About Home Biz from scratch using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through keyword utilization.

Use The Nav Bars & Links

As you read through some of the other nav bar sections of this site, you will see various types of home based business ventures.  This is done in order for you to get ideas of what type of business you might want to get into.

Once you have a business venture in mind and decide to use the easy web site building system; you'll find that the course can  help you get free website traffic to your online business venture.

In the process of putting About Home Biz online I wanted to show and explain the simplicity of how anyone can start, develop, build, and market just about any type of business you might be interested in.

After all that is the purpose of the About Home Biz site - to provide you with information that will help you to develop your own home base and / or online business.

Please take a look at all of the links associated with Site Sell because I am using that company not only to build this site but also as a resource and reference place for you to go to for information about building your own business.

On this About Home Biz site, you can look at the Site Sell links in two ways: a source of information and secondly, advertisement.

To set the record straight: About Home Biz is a home based affiliate business site.  I promote, market and sell the services of  Site Sell (SBI) and other affiliate businesses as well.

When you go to any of the Site Sell (SBI) links read the content for the information that it provides on both the businesses and the services that were used to build the business.

Read the "Show n Tell Review" in the Web Site Building section.  The importance of doing that is to actually show you how the economical, educational, and easy to learn web site building system is.

It will definitely show you how to bring FREE website traffic and potential customers to your own business venture.

What better way to inform you, regarding building your own  business, then to show you EXACTLY what I have done  and currently am doing to bring FREE website traffic to this About Home Biz online web shopper and media business.

Once again, more detailed information is available on building and developing your own website in the How To Build A Website Course section.

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