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About Home Biz
Does "Play In Peoria"

The About Home Biz website originated out of a passion I have for doing business out of my home, and as a former news print media person who has the need to gather information and pass it on to others.

I’m a lifelong Greater Peoria Midwest Metropolis area residence. This area encompasses the 4 Peoria’s of Illinois:  The City Peoria, Peoria Heights, East Peoria, and West Peoria.  This area has a diverse population of around 114,000.


I’m Ken Bradley, online publisher of the About Home Biz website.


Not only did I grow up here, but my entire working career was spent in these 4 Peoria Cities that are connected either by crossing a few streets or 3 bridges.

About Me


This About Me – “Play in Peoria” section will allow me to introduce myself in a little more detail as online publisher of the About Home Biz website.


I want you to get to know me since I am asking you to let me sponsor you into a business and/or shop at my Web Shopper Section, the Online Department Stores Section, or the Online Shopping Deals Section.

I'm also asking you to accept the information I am giving you on how to start, develop, and market a work from home business that you might be interested in starting up.


Knowing my background, work history, and home business experience gives more meaning when I present this information to you.


With more than 45 years of working in various categories of career path employment, my work background is quite diverse.


I’ve been involved with news media production - print, audio, visual, newspaper publishing, photojournalism, education, training, sales, marketing, quality inspection, and customer service to name a few.


My work is varied, not because I couldn’t keep a job, but while some of the moves were internal and external advancements, the “Play in Peoria” city went thru a series of economic turmoil and I happened to be one of thousands that was affected by it.


In some cases I was fortunate enough to have a network of friends as well as the skills to always find employment.  Be it working for someone else or for myself with home based employment.


Some of the work from home businesses I’ve started and ran during that same period of time include a community newspaper, a home photography business, a resume service, an insurance agency, a product and merchandise direct sale business and Ebay.


There was a time or two when I had to stop some or all of my home base ventures due to full time job workloads and/or contractual agreements on some of the full time jobs I had.


I’m officially retired now.  So there are no more contracts, restrictions, stress, worry or deadlines.   I was going to add hard work to that, but in later years I learned to avoid the physical labor stuff.  I smile when I say that, because I have paid my dues.


With time on my hands I still want to be productive.


I’m a continuous work in progress person and operating a business from home is my passion.  Having been in the news media field - when I combine these two work experiences - it seems only fitting that I pass on information that I’ve gathered or experienced.


The brick and mortar thing was a losing proposition for me (several times).  Simply put, I was never able to produce enough cash flow to cover overhead expenses and show a profit.


That is exactly what prompted me to start working from home with my business ventures.


What I wanted to know by researching, was what type of work from home business could I get myself into without putting a lot of time, money, and effort into it.  Perhaps a re-do of something I’ve done in the past.  Like in pre-internet times.

Ink In My Blood

With the About Home Biz website I’ll be presenting this information to you from a reporter’s perspective.  A lot of what I say will be in the first person, simply because I have experienced many of the things I’ll be talking about.


I’ll try not to overload you with I, I, I, and me, me, me statements.


“ I won’t take you down any dead end paths, or waste any steps.”


 “ I  won’t let you get loss, discouraged, or distracted.”


 “ What was that?”   “ Nope, I’m not going to run through this.”


 “  I’m past mid-60 and I don’t get in a hurry.  There’s no need to.”


“ Why don’t you get yourself a notepad, or recorder, if you read out loud.  You might  also get  a snack or two and something to drink.”


Because of the “ink in my blood” (I was an old school trained journeyman printer, working with hot metal lead typeset and hand applied ink for proof presses in my print media background).

If it was going to be any type of publishing done it would carry the same flair that I had in the print media field.

Two of my greatest passions were about to intermix. My love for doing business out of my home and my lifelong dream of being a successful publisher.

Publishing About Home Biz is what I wanted and was going to do.


When one starts to do real research, and a lot of it was online, and attending community business classes or day seminars you come to realize that just because you have an idea that you like, it is not always feasibly to pursue it or maybe take a look at it from a different angle.


Talking to various people at the seminars and just good old research in general I started formulating new ideas from the online information regarding becoming an information publisher.


I came to a quick realization that this area of information publishing would fit my niche perfectly. I was a one man operation, without the assistance of other staff people.

I had a wealth of knowledge on the subject of news publishing, work at home knowledge and could work at my leisure.

I could do this and it will "Play in Peoria".


The title  About Home Biz,  is pretty self explanatory. I truly believe I can help others success in this field of business.

The results of what I've found through research and partially what I already knew is what I’ll talk about in this website.  That includes the sources that I discovered, the workshops I’ve attended and the how to processes.


Many of the home businesses I’ve operated were started during the pre-internet days.  Can you honestly believe there once was a time when there were no computers in your home or purse or pocket?


I remember note cards, library books, dial telephones, and typewriters.  Trust me there is update and modern techniques in my makeup now. So not to worry, I’m not behind in time.


This site is up to date on how to make a business work for you today.


With computers, internet, and wi-fi in full swing, it has made working from home quite simple.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that businesses and individuals both are actually gearing themselves in that direction.


In life I’ve learned that sharing and teaching is a rewarding and learning experience in itself. With a 45-year work history, I’ve absorbed a lot from others.  At this point in life I want to give back.


I’m hoping to pass on some of what I know from four decades of various types of employment and my work from home business experience, and research

My Business Does “Play In Peoria”

And It Has Been Rewarding


My business “Play in Peoria” has been quite rewarding in more ways then just from a business standpoint.  The meeting of people and them accepting me as an extended family member - all the while being their personal sales person.


What helped me to develop home based customers was that I had my own small, home based life and health debit insurance agency.

The debit business is where you sell small face value burial policies and go back each month to collect the premium in person.


Having already had my Life and Health insurance license I started this small agency when I got laid off from my factory production job.


After seeing me on such a regular basis I became a trusted friend and in many cases I became an extended member of the families that had insurance with me.


As a sales person l had a trusting, built in one on one audience when I introduced my home, health, and beauty products.


It did “Play in Peoria” quite well for me.


You’ll notice l use this slogan quite often.  It only comes natural being a lifelong resident of Peoria, Illinois.


If it will “Play in Peoria” it will play anywhere.  That is the slogan used on the old riverfront vaudeville circuit towns as Peoria was one of the hard cities to perform at.  

So if the audience liked you and/or you got good reviews that was the gauge entertainers used as they played the vaudeville circuit.


Thus, if it will “Play in Peoria” it will play anywhere.


As with any sales business your lifeline is recommendations and referrals - both of which I got for my insurance sales and my home product business.


Eventually the insurance business went by the wayside as the result of me being recalled back to my factory production job.

The hours I worked made it almost impossible to go out and sell and collect premiums anymore.  Both businesses suffered.


I was able to salvage a good part of both businesses by having my insurance clients pay directly to the insurance home office.  Some of course did lapse because they didn’t have the interaction with me.


Fortunately my home product business had a website that my customers could order from. 

While I loss some clients, I was able to get a lot of the customers to start purchasing their products from the website, as well as from the Web Shopper and Online Department Stores and the Online Shopping Deals link on this About Home Biz site.


This seems to “Play in Peoria” well for me.


Being retired now from any 40 hour type job, my concentration is on growing my home product business and in helping others by sharing information that I’ve gathered or experienced over a 45 year work career.


 As much as I enjoy the friendly one on one type of communication in selling, I hope this About Home Biz site will convey that same feeling.


Do to medium to large customer base I simply cannot do phone calls, but to stay in one on one contact with my customers I am available at the following e-mail address, and it will be me who responds to your inquiries:

For those who are interested and who may seriously be thinking about getting into their own online publishing business you have come to the right place.

As a shortcut to getting you started, I will say that one of the best online resources that allowed me to "Play in Peoria" and enabled me to get started was from a company called SiteSell,  Solo Build It, or SBI out of Canada.


There is an entire section about this company and what they offer under the heading and link entitled: Easy Website Building 


To help you better understand where i originated from, I am going to link you to the four "Play In Peoria" cities that I grew up and gained my knowledge in.


I’m proud of the area and just want you to know a little about it.  Where I came from just might help you to understand where I’m going.


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