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About Home Biz is a resource - referral - and reference guide for individuals who are seeking information on how to build, develop, and market a home based business.

About Home Biz and the affiliate store B Crescent Services Offer - Home Care, Health/Nutrition, Beauty, Sports Drinks & Over 450 Other ProductsYou Also Have Access To Over 50 National Highly Recognizable - Reputable - Name Brand - Department Stores Making It A One Stop & Shop Site For Bargains And Merchandise Of All Sorts. Business Building Entrepreneurs Are Also Consumers You Can Shop Here While Building Your Business.

B  Crescent Services   &   About Home Biz
Make For A Great Working Combination

B Crescent Services and The About Home Biz website originated out of a passion I have for both.

I’m Ken Bradley, online publisher of the About Home Biz website, and proprietor of B  Crescent Services my online Amway home, health, and beauty product store.

I've always had the thought of doing business out of my home.  Growing up in an era and area where people lived above their businesses. They just simply woke up in the morning, did their breakfast, etc. and went downstairs and they were at work.

When I got into the commercial printing and then the print and visual news media field, the need to gather information and pass it on to others just became a part of my makeup.  It too became a passion of mine.


I’m a lifelong Greater Peoria, Illinois metropolis area resident. This area encompasses the 4 Peoria’s of Illinois:  The City of Peoria, Peoria Heights, East Peoria, and West Peoria.  The area has a diverse population of around 114,000 and is located about halfway between St. Louis and Chicago.


Not only did I grow up here, but my entire working career was spent in these 4 Peoria Cities that are connected either by crossing a few streets or 3 bridges.

B  Crescent Services  & Me


This about B Crescent Services  and Me section will allow me to introduce myself in a little more detail as online publisher of the About Home Biz website.


I want you to get to know me since I am asking you to shop and buy various things from this site including my online store.

B Crescent Services is the Web Shopper and Online Department Stores nav bars if you are already on the About Home Biz site. ( NOTE: these 2 green links above are not active at this spot on purpose.  I'm only showing them here so that you will know what the active links look like below ).

I would like for you to read the content first before clicking onto the links.

The actual internet address for the  B  Crescent Services online store is below also.


This website is considered to be an information site for helping others to start their own business.  I'm asking you to accept the information I give you on how to start, develop, and market a work from home business that you might be interested in starting up.

As an Independent Business Owner ( IBO ) distributor for Amway, naturally I promote this business as one you can work from home with. There is a lot information provided simply because it is my main home based business.

The information I provide, however, can be beneficial for any type of sales or other home based business ventures, so please continue to read on.



Knowing my background, work history, and my B  Crescent Services  home business experience gives more meaning when I present this information to you.


With more than 45 years of working in various categories of career path employment, my work background is quite diverse.


I’ve been involved with news media production - print, audio, visual, newspaper publishing, photojournalism, education, training, sales, marketing, quality inspection, and customer service to name a few.


My work is varied, not because I couldn’t keep a job, but many of the moves were internal departmental changes and some external advancements.

Peoria like so many mid-west cities went thru a series of economic turmoil and I happened to be one of thousands that was affected by it.


In most cases I was fortunate enough to have a network of friends as well as the skills to always find employment.  Be it working for someone else or for myself with home based employment.

Hence B  Crescent Services, my Amway product sales business was started in 1985.


Some of the other work from home businesses I’ve started and ran during those economic turmoil times include a community newspaper, a home photography business, a resume service, an insurance agency.


There was a time or two when I had to stop some or all of my home base ventures due to finding full time employment.

Naturally there are job commitments, workloads and/or contractual agreements on full time employment.


I’m just a regular type of guy who is officially retired now.  So there are no more contracts, restrictions, stress, worry or deadlines.

I was going to add hard work to that, but in later years I learned to avoid the physical labor stuff.  I smile when I say that, because I have paid my dues.


With time on my hands I still want to be productive.


I’m a continuous work in progress person and operating a business from home is my passion.  My B Crescent Services Amway product business is my main one that I run from home.

Having been in the news media reporting field - I decided to use those skills to help in the marketing of this About Home Biz website, and my Amway home, health, and beauty product business.

By combining these two work experiences - it seems only fitting that I pass on information that I’ve gathered or experienced for the growth I am seeking as an independent sole proprietor business person.


The brick and mortar thing was a losing proposition for me (several times).  Simply put, I was never able to produce enough cash flow to cover overhead expenses and show a profit.


Early on that is partially what prompted me to start working from home with my Amway product business venture.

While I maintain a one on one base for a small group of local customers a month, they are slowly starting to use my online store of B  Crescent Services.

Most have access to my distributor website that they can order from.  But being elderly, like myself, a few want that special type of personal nurturing that I give when I see them in person.

It does take up a little bit of my time for business growth, and once I explained that in a manner that would be of benefit to  them and me, most now use the website store to order from.

I try to keep up with business and marketing trends and thus I publish this About Home Biz website to help others and with the hope of gaining new online customers to shop at the B Crescent Services store.

With B  Crescent Services  &  About Home Biz
The Ink In My Blood Is My Motivating Force

If you've ever worked in the old hot metal print shops, there is an old saying we printers have said for years - and that is ''Ink Will Be In Your Blood Forever.''

And so it is with me and the publishing of this About Home Biz website.  I publish it with the motivating force of having "Ink In My Blood".

I’ll be presenting a lot of the information here to you as though I was still working in the news gathering field.

Before you purchase any products from me, I want you to be well informed about that product.

This site will also be used to help recruit and sponsor some of my customers and visitors who come to this site and who might be interested in looking into starting their own online business.

As you go thru About Home Biz look at it as a periodical. Updated content could change weekly, monthly and/or remain the same.

I won’t take you down any dead end paths, or waste your time.  I  won’t let you get loss or discouraged.


There is a lot of business building information here and you will not be able to get the benefit out of it if you just take a quick glance at all of the content.

I urge you to BOOKMARK this site.


B  Crescent Services Has Been Rewarding

My B  Crescent Services business has been and is quite rewarding in more ways then just from a business standpoint.

The meeting of people and them accepting me as their personal sales person means so much to me.  I am humbled.

As an Amway professionally trained home service sales person l have a sincere trusting personality, and that is how I developed my one on one audience.

When I introduced my B Crescent Services - Amway home, health, and beauty products business the sales came easy for me.

Fortunately my home product business has a website that most of my customers order from.  This now allows me time to develop online customers.

I hope my personality and the products and information I offer will be felt by you in the same manner.

I hope you recognize and feel about me, knowing that you will be purchasing and dealing with an honest person and reputable high quality everyday type products in the home, health, and beauty product field.

I hope this About Home Biz site will convey that same feeling with my online customers.

On this site the nav bar for B  Crescent Services is Webshopper  and  Online Department Stores.

The actual internet address for  B  Crescent Services online store is:         https://www.amway.com/myshop/bcrescentservices

Do to medium to large customer base I simply cannot do phone calls, but to stay in one on one contact with my customers I am available at the following e-mail address, and it will be me who responds to your inquiries:  


Start Your Own Business


Watch The Video

Hope you enjoy shopping at my store and If you are interested in starting your own online store like B Crescent Services there is plenty of information here.

I would really enjoy being your sponsor.

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