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This Home Page Section of About Home Biz is a condensed summary of whats available at this site. 

Because of the diversity of information available on this site, the Home Page Section is divided into Three Parts.

The Three Home Page Sections are explained below.

 Part One Home Page Section

Introduces About Home Biz as a one stop Shopping Site for merchandise of all sorts. 

Part Two Home Page Section

Introduces About Home Biz as a resource - referral - and reference guide for those who are seeking info on the development of home based business ventures.

Part Three Home Page Section

Introduces About Home Biz visitors to helpful information provided by the U.S. Dept Of Commerce, Small Business Administration and other sources that may be helpful for startup business and established business ventures.

The information is displayed in the format of an online news publication that About Home Biz publishes, titled The Sentinel News.


Welcome to About Home Biz.com  –  The resources and referral places provided on this site can assist in the general merchandise shopping of all sorts.  My B/Crescent Services - online Amway Product Store, along with over 50 national brand affiliated stores range from A to Z.

For the shopping aspect of About Home Biz - you can go to the Web Shopper - B/Crescent Services - Amway Products Section, which consist of Home,  Health, and Beauty Cosmetics products.

And also the Online Department Stores section, which has more than 50 national brand Partner Stores that Amway has partnered with that allows my online customers to shop from.

Each of the department stores is independent of the others and carries their own shopping sales and bargains.  Enjoy your shopping.

My name is Ken Bradley, publisher of both this About Home Biz website; The Sentinel News, which is a part of this website and I'm sole proprietor of B/Crescent Services, my online webstore, which markets, sells, and distributes Amway home, health, and beauty cosmetic products.

While I am an online, business and information media person, I am also a general consumer shopper of goods.  I assume that the readers and viewers of this site are also.

Therefore, I'm combining the shopping aspect of About Home Biz with information that will allow those individuals who are interested in getting into a home based or online business venture of their own.

In essence About Home Biz can be used as an excellent high quality product shopping site.  Or, it can be used as a resource, referral, and reference guide for the development of home based business ventures.

You can learn more about me at this link:
Play In Peoria - About Me The Publisher

Information is here that relate to the start-up, development, and marketing of small, home base multi-level, and online business ventures.


This is not a site with fancy, glitz, and glitter.  Nor is it loaded with lots of colorful decorations.  It is a practical, come to kind of place, where you can shop and/or get quick, precise, and usable information on the various topics that will be displayed and discussed.

Hopefully, About Home Biz will be an enjoyable experience when you visit either Part One - Part Two - or Part Three of this site.


Part One Of The Home Page Is Continued Below

After The Home Page Section Two And Home Page Section Three Links.





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Part One - Home Page - Section One Resumed...

In Setting Up About Home Biz

I Worked With Site Sell ( Solo Build It )

To Help Build This Site

About Home Biz came about online as the result of working with the Site Sell company out of Canada. Their web site building system is what was used to build this site.

The various links provided throughout this site give testimony and detail on the simplicity of using the Site Sell system.

It is the system that educated and instructed me on how to develop About Home Biz from scratch using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through keyword utilization.

More detailed information is available on building and developing your own website in the Website Course section.


Use The Nav Bars & Links

As you read through some of the other nav bar sections of this site, you will see various types of home based business ventures.  This is done in order for you to get ideas of what type of business you might want to get into.

Once you have a business venture in mind and use the easy web site building system; you'll find that the system can also help you get free traffic to your online business venture.

In the process of putting About Home Biz online I wanted to show and explain the simplicity of how anyone can start, develop, build, and market just about any type of business you might be interested in.

After all that is the purpose of the About Home Biz site - to provide you with information that will help you to develop your own home base and / or online business.

Please take a look at all of the links associated with Site Sell because I am using that company not only to build this site but also as a resource and reference place for you to go to for information about building your own business.

On this About Home Biz site, you can look at the Site Sell links in two ways: a source of information and secondly, advertisement.

To set the record straight: About Home Biz is a home based affiliate business site.  I promote, market and sell the services of  Site Sell (SBI) and other affiliate businesses as well.

When you go to any of the Site Sell (SBI) links read the content for the information that it provides on both the businesses and the services that were used to build the business.

Read the "Show n Tell Review" in the Web Site Building section.  The importance of doing that is to actually show you how the economical, educational, and easy to learn web site building system, can also help you build and or bring FREE visitors and potential customers to your own business venture.


What better way to inform you, regarding building your own  business, then to show you EXACTLY what I have done  and currently am doing to bring FREE traffic to this About Home Biz online web shopper and media business.

Feature article stories are a part of About Home Biz's format also.  This is done as a testimony in an effort to give exposure boosts to those who are currently in business and who used the same web site building system to build and market their sites.

You'll find some of these articles at this Home Business Features link.

(Also see the case studies link below)

By doing this, it also allows the startup entrepreneur reading audience to become aware of the many types of business opportunities and possibilities that are out there.

About Home Biz Is An Online Media Site

As an online media business, this site will exist like any other media.   About Home Biz will publish pertinent content for our audience and will do merchandising, affiliate marketing, and offer display and classified advertisement space in order to operate a profitable business.


The primary goal of About Home Biz is to satisfy the shopping and informational needs of the reading audience.  By doing so, it is the desire of this publisher for About Home Biz to become a recognized place to come to.

Some of the links on this site will take you to business opportunities and provide resources that helped make these businesses successful.

Many of the case study feature articles presented provide valuable information on various topics.

Be sure to pick out a subject or topic matter that is close to the type of business venture that you might be thinking about pursuing.

Some of those case study feature articles can be accessed here from this link:   https://case-studies.sitesell.com/K5_n5t_135.html


 Follow The Navigation Bars

To get the most out of About Home Biz, follow the nav bars.  Current and future content for developing many types of home based enterprises will be introduced and accessed through the navigation bars and links.

The navigation bars will take you to the information resource spots that are relevant to the setup, operation, and marketing of a home base business.  They represent some of the necessary business components.


These components of business are basic standards that have been suggested by small business government agencies, business development centers, and sales and marketing organizations.


Each of the topics on the “navigation bars” stand on their own, like chapters in a book.

While they support one another they can be viewed and read in any order.  The nav bars can be looked at as an index, and you will get an overview of what’s discussed in that section.


The links” are used to get more detailed and specific information on a given subject.


As you go through this website you will notice that some of the links may be similar or repeated.  The reason for that is because they serve as a point of reference at that particular spot in the content.

When you do click onto an internal or outside link be sure to get back to the original content you were reading as soon as possible.   Otherwise you might lose track of what you were reading prior to clicking onto the link.


Business People Are Shoppers Too

Gifts - Home -  Health - Beauty Products

from the About Home Biz affiliate store
B Crescent Services

As shown in Home Page Section - Part One above

Use These  Links To Shop At :

Web Shopper

Online Department Stores

About Home Biz Has Classified Ads

Advertisement cost is very economical in the Selling From Home classified ad section.  Just $3.00 per 30 word classified ad.

Take a look at this section. It is for the small Selling From Home business person or others who are on a limited budget and who would like to get their message exposed to a larger domestic and international audience.

If you currently have a business or simply a message that you would like to promote - take advantage of this Classified Ad Section and run an economical classified ad to promote your business or message to About Home Biz's domestic and foreign audience.

Click on this link: Classified Ads Online


Look Over This About Home Biz Site

It Is A Good Business Model To Study

Study and examine the content of this site.  It serves a double role. It is a information provider and it also serves as a business model. About Home Biz is what's known as a niche website because specific information is provided to you the reader.

The two niches of this site is that it provides shopping of all sorts and it provides content on the subject of how to develop and market a home based or online business.

Providing information, today,  in a website format is an excellent way and another way to get started with a home based business.

Perhaps, right now, you have a particular niche, theme, or business that you would like to turn into a website.

Info is provided on the videos and link below on that subject:

As stated earlier About Home Biz is an affiliate marketing site.  We promote, market and sell the services of  SiteSell (SBI) as this is the company that this site was build through.

When you go to any of the SiteSell (SBI) links read the content for the information that it provides.

Refer also to these links:


Website Course

As Publisher I Want To
 Earn Your Respect & Trust

One of the many goals of About Home Biz is to gain your respect and trust as a respectable site you can come to when seeking out information.  


Those resources could be books, CD’s, DVD’s, other medias and/or websites.   All in an effort to help you advance towards your goal of becoming a successful offline or online home based business owner.


Revisit and/or bookmark this site for future reference.  It is especially good for the beginner who is seeking home business startup information.


Start your own resource library.  Hold on to or make note of any and all reference material that you come in contact with through this About Home Biz website.  By doing so, when an idea comes to mind you’ll have the material you need to do your research.



In business all you really are trying to do is connect your idea, product or service to an end user who will pay you a fee for something that they need, want, and will use.


As publisher of this site, I cannot, nor can anyone else honestly guarantee the success of anyone else's business venture. There are simply too many uncontrollable elements involved.


With your desire, and the education, training, and resource guidance you hopefully will get from this site, your learning curve will be shortened.   The content material presented here is to help you develop a successful home based business.

About Home Biz is a continually work in process business and will frequently update and keep you informed about new ideas, trends and topics relating to website business development and home business advancement.  Hope you will return on a regular basis.

Thank You For Visiting This Site

About Home Biz Appreciates Any Support
You Can Give 
To My Online Amway Store and Other Affiliated Partner Advertisers